Understand Mechanism of Action, Maximize Efficacy & Therapeutic Window, & Evaluate Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of Fc Receptor Pathway Targeting Biologics in Autoantibody Mediated Disease

The field of FcRn receptor targeting is gaining momentum as Argenx, Janssen, UCB and Immunovant compete to tackle myasthenia gravis and biopharma invest in transformative immunological therapy for autoimmune diseases as the next big drug opportunity.

The 3rd Fc Receptor Pathway Targeted Therapies Summit will once again feature unmissable conversations to advance targeting FcR and the subsequent generation of Fc manipulation since real-world proof and clinical value are now at the industry's fingertips.

Join 100+ of your colleagues at the 3rd Fc Receptor Pathway Targeted Therapies Summit - from the fields of immunology, antibody engineering, pharmacology, toxicology, and immuno-oncology for three days of content that is unmatched in its scope, all focused on the optimization of FcRn, FcγR, and novel Fc.

Put your stake in the ground to revolutionise autoimmune illness and position yourself in front of the next wave of blockbuster drug development.

Who You Missed:

Senior Director & Group Leader - Immunology research Unit

Associate Director - Complement Science Discovery Research

Director - Auto-Immunity & Medical Affairs Medical Affairs

Professor Rheumatology - Discovery & Translational Science Department

Project Head Innovation - Large Molecule Research Project Head

The 2023 Expert Speaker Faculty Included:

Previously Attending Companies:

2023 Attending companies Bacteriophage (1880 x 600 px)


“I really liked the networking opportunity and the fact that this is one of the few meetings that focusses on Fc receptor biology and targeting.”

Past Attendee, University Medical Centre, Utretcht

“I found the workshops the most valuable part of the conference, it was wonderful to hear & participate in open discussions.”

Past Attendee, The Janssen Pharmaceutical

Interesting presentations and a lot of ideas which we can use in our research, also good connection with interesting people and future contact with them.

Past Attendee, Boehringer Ingelheim


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